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About Us

Who We Are
Roj Women’s Association is a grass-root women organization, a non-profit charity that aims to support and empower Kurdish, Turkish, Cypriot Turkish, migrant, and refugee women living in London. 

Roj Women’s Association was established by a group of migrated Kurdish women from Turkey, in 2004, who realized how women within their communities were severely discriminated and disempowered because of gender discrimination and the invisibility of the minority ethnic groups.

We work with women and girls of all ages with a gender-diverse approach. We offer services in Turkish, Kurdish, and English.

Roj Women offers free advice, advocacy, wellbeing, support, and counselling services. In partnership with other organizations, we assist women from disadvantaged groups with accessing English language classes, education, training, and employment opportunities.

Our free, women-only services offer a holistic response to women and girls who have experienced or are at risk of, gender-based violence. The aim of our work is to create a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space in which women and girls can get the support they need and know that they will be listened to and believed.

Our Vision
Roj Women’s vision is a world where all women and girls can live their lives free from violence and discrimination.

Our Mission
Our mission is to work to prevent violence against women and girls. We work with and for women with a holistic and empowering approach.

Our Values
Our values reflect our history and were developed in consultation with staff, service users, and trustees

  • We are inclusive, diverse and anti-discriminatory

  • We work with all who self-identify as women

  • Feminism and sisterhood is at the core of everything we do

  • We are empowerment-based

  • We are person-centred

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