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Advice & Information

Roj Women face to face, women-only advice and information service is the first specialist advice and link work offered to the women in the community centres. Our advice support is women-led and consists of one-to-one sessions with a professional where service users can discuss and explore any issues that matter to them.

We aim to reach out to more women from Kurdish, Turkish, Cypriot and Bulgarian communities to offer them free advice. In order to provide a proper service, we have built partnerships with local authorities and different charities in North London boroughs of Hackney, Haringey and Enfield namely, Hackney Law Centre, Hackney & Enfield Citizen Advice Bureau, Hearthstone and local community centres. We provide face to face advice at Communities Centres:

  • Every Wednesday at Kirkisraklilar,
  • Every Thursday at Halkevi,
  • Every Friday at Kurdish People Assembly. 

We have achieved to provide free advice for women facings many issues such as domestic violence, welfare, housing, benefits, financials, health etc. Limited use of English as a spoken language, immigration status, gender-based violence, isolation, cultural barriers and lack of support are the main struggles of women from Kurdish and Turkish backgrounds. We’re providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for our service users in the community centres where they usually visit so that they can access support networks and services without having difficulty and be more likely to know their rights and explore their needs.

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